Once you reach the end of “Gardens of the Moon” and continue your journey with “Deadhouse Gates”, you are thrown on another continent and realize how large the world of the “Malazan of the Fallen” actually is. The more books you consume in the Malazan world – or as some call it Wu – you realize that these two archaeologists have created a world similar in size and geography as the Earth.

As Steven Erikson stated in an interview, a good start for a book is to draw a map to keep track of all the characters along their journey. Unfortunately, the space for larger maps in the book is very limited and depending on your preferred choice of read (hardcover, mass market paperback, trade paperback or ebook), it might be fussy to see any details. Lately, Steven Erikson has provided us with a lot of self-drawn maps that he continuously uploads on his facebook page, so please go check them out.

But Malazan fandom would not be Malazan fandom without geographic students and map re-creators that invested hours and hours to provide us with beautiful, detailed maps. One of them is Adam Whitehead, who has produced a whole globe of Wu that sets all the continents in relation and comes very close to Steven Erikson’s original map. So please check out his website and don’t get confused by the name, as Adam is also a huge fan of other fantasy worlds, so you will find more than the Malazan world map. Another person with a love to details is Joshua Butler, which has redrawn many of the continent in black and white, as well as in color. So check out his site, too.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the continents of “Wu””
  1. Hello,does any1 know if A Whitehead (snicker) has made available any standing,spinning models of the globe of Wu that he created? Firstly, I need one! and also what an amazing idea.Ive spent my life immersed in this genre and always loved when authors or their illustrators created detailed maps,I’d love to have at the least an illustrated map on wall of my new den(once it’s rebuilt ??) but especially a globe or even better a globe bar I’d prefer to support a malz lover and creator but now I’ve run thought out I have to get one made.Please if any1 knows I’d really appreciate the heads up.

    1. I don’t know. He has the globe version and I looked into trying to get it printed on something–a basketball, a globe, a sphere I found in a junkyard… whatever. I couldn’t find anyone who would do it for me…

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