• The final new covers for the Malazan Empire novels
    It has been a while since we posted some updates and so the covers has been out for a while. Nevertheless, it is time to complete the series. This time both covers Blood and Bone and Assail show no ship.
  • New covers of Malazan Empire novels
    The second batch of Ian Cameron Esslemonts Malazan novels got a new cover for the Kindle transworld edition. This time we are back to normal, two covers two times a ship (Stonewielder and Orb, Septre, Throne)
  • The latest novella of our beloved necromancers
    For all of you out there that had a hard time reading Steven Erikson’s handwritten story of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach on his facebook page, you now have the chance to get it in a printed version. UK publisher PS Publishing has announced the seventh novella of the necromancer to be released in autumn this […]
  • The Malazan Empire novels get a new dress
    Again we see the light of the some old friends new and shiny. This time Ian Cameron Esslemont’s first two novels get a new cover artwork for the Kindle transworld edition. Interesting the second book now comes across without a ship (Night of Knives and Return of the Crimson Guard)
  • The God is not willing update
    Dear Malazanies, as we in Germany say “Die Spatzen pfeifen es von allen D├Ąchern” meaning it’s all over town, we have an update and a cover for “The God is not willing“. As Amazon Germany and UK concordantly report the book will be released on the 1st of July. We still wait for a conformation […]