• Forge of the High Mage
    It has been announced for a while but under the name “The Jhistal” we finally have a release date for the fourth installment of “Path to Ascendancy”. The book is now called “Forge of the High Mage” and will see the light on the 23rd of April 2023. The cover has been discussed already in… Read more: Forge of the High Mage
  • New Deadhouse Gates Crossword
    Quick Jen and Biggest Bad have blessed the Unabridged Burners with a new crossword puzzle for Deadhouse Gates! Go forth and enjoy!!
  • The final new covers for the Malazan Empire novels
    It has been a while since we posted some updates and so the covers has been out for a while. Nevertheless, it is time to complete the series. This time both covers Blood and Bone and Assail show no ship.
  • New covers of Malazan Empire novels
    The second batch of Ian Cameron Esslemonts Malazan novels got a new cover for the Kindle transworld edition. This time we are back to normal, two covers two times a ship (Stonewielder and Orb, Septre, Throne)
  • The latest novella of our beloved necromancers
    For all of you out there that had a hard time reading Steven Erikson’s handwritten story of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach on his facebook page, you now have the chance to get it in a printed version. UK publisher PS Publishing has announced the seventh novella of the necromancer to be released in autumn this… Read more: The latest novella of our beloved necromancers