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A cryptic crossword is a crossword puzzle in which each clue is a word puzzle in and of itself. Typically, each clue contains two clues to the answer, with one part acting as a hint for the answer and the second involving some sort of wordplay that includes the answer itself.

Cryptic crossword clues can look a little confusing or overwhelming at first. Don’t let that discourage you! The answer itself is nearly always included in the clue!  In addition, there are often “indicators” for how to find that answer. We’ve included a list of the most common clue types and possible indicators below to get you started!
Want more information? You can find an in-depth how-to guide here:

Clue TypesDefinitionIndicators
AnagramThe answer is an anagram of a word in the clueUpset, moving, troubled, mixed up, disturbed
HiddenThe answer can be found within the clueIn, within, holds, contains
Reverse HiddenThe answer can be found reversed within the clueback In, holds back, return 
Initial LettersThe answer is made up of the first letters of words in the clueFirstly, to begin with, initially, at first, starts to
End LettersThe answer is made up of the last letters of words in the clueEndings, ending with, ultimately, lastly
Alternate LettersThe answer is made up of every other letter of words in the clueAlternately, every other, even, odd
Double DefinitionThe clue contains two different meanings for the answerNone
HomophoneThe answer is a homophone of a word or hint within the clueI hear, they say, so to speak
CharadesThe clue contains hints for each syllable/part of the answerNone
ContainerThe answer is found by placing one word within anotherAbout, around, held in, enclose, inside, within
DeletionA letter or group of letters is removed from a word to get the answerAlmost, first off, endlessly, heartless, cut short
Puns/WordplayPuns, wordplay or a twist on a common sayingExclamation or question marks
ReversalAnswer is a word forward and backward; clue contains hints for bothBack, return, turned around, turned up (for down clues)
RepetitionThe answer has letters that are repeatedAgain, double, repeat, twice
SpoonerismsFirst letter/sound of a group of words in the clue is transposed to get the answerSpooner
Mobile LetterMoving a letter within a word or from another word to get the answerMoves, shifts, travels, strays, from start to finish, from first to last
SubstitutionOne letter is substituted for another to create a new wordSubstitute, replace, swap, give way to
NumeralsNumbers are used to represent letters. O=0, I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000Numbers in a clue, nothing, nil, zero, etc.

If you get stuck on a clue, each Malazan crossword puzzle has a drop down menu that allows you to reveal a hint for each clue. The hint will indicate the type of clue used from the list above to help you find the answer. Still stuck? Visit the Malazan Crossword channel on the Unabridged Burners Discord server or email us at [email protected].

Biggest Bad and Quick Jen are a couple of Malazan nerds who also happen to love cryptic crosswords. These crosswords started as word puzzles we created to try to stump each other. We quickly realized we had enough clues for an entire crossword, which led to us sharing our love  of cryptic crosswords with other Malazan fans!

Biggest Bad is also known as the Quizmaster for the Unabridged Burners. He plans and hosts regular Malazan quiz nights for members of the Unabridged Burners Discord. Quick Jen has a YouTube channel on which she irregularly posts videos about Malazan characters and humor.
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