About Us

The Unabridged Burners are a group of Malazan enthusiasts who got together online in the 13th Army Discord Server back in 2020. Some of us are content creators, artists, voice actors, musicians, and other creative types that make Malazan stuff. But ALL of us are big fans of the books!

I joined this community when I was 30, but that was 6 years ago so I don’t know how long I’ve been an Unabridged Burner any more.

Beak, Squad Mage, 8th Legion, 9th Company, Malazan’s 14th Army

Whether you like reading the books, talking about the books, watching videos about the books, or just looking at art that was created for the books, you’ll be in good company with the rest of the Ascendants, Priests, Priestesses, Fists, Mages, Sappers, Marines, and even the new Recruits that we’ll bring into the mix.

When Lorn asked me what dominates my thoughts, I was originally going to say ‘futility,’ but after coming to the Unabridged Burners website, I think of community, Adjunct.

Onos T’oolan, First Sword of the Logros T’lan Imass

Join us on this journey of celebrating and engaging on this important series. Contribute to the community. Join the conversation. Encourage and support others. Treat everyone with respect. …and have fun!