• Historian Unheeded: Official History in Deadhouse Gates
    SPOILERS: Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates. This is a spin-off from an unfinished essay on the portrayal of history in Deadhouse Gates. There are a few reasons I’ve not been able to finish it, but the only one that wasn’t shorthand for laziness was that I kept getting distracted by the topic of this … Read more
  • A Sword, a Wheel, and a Shadow in the Garden
    The idea of copying another is taboo and flattery at once. On the one hand, something has to be said for originality and the protection of intellectual property, while on the other hand a certain level of accomplishment and pride can be measured when something becomes the subject of imitation. While certain liberties can always … Read more
  • Paran and Playing Soldier while the Mouse Quarter Burns
    The Lorn essay and video came about because I had come to appreciate Lorn in a new light. I don’t know why but when I finished reading Gardens this last time something just clicked. In Western tonal music, there is a thing called resolution where you’ll have a note or chord that is dissonant – … Read more
  • Futility For Lorn and Sorry: An Examination of Two Unfortunate Characters’ Journeys
    Spoilers limited to Gardens of the Moon. Shortly after writing this essay, I decided to start a YouTube channel where I would share this kind of content. However, it immediately became apparent that this essay would not translate well into a spoken format so I essentially wrote a separate script/essay on the same subject. That … Read more
  • A Tempered POV – Perspective in Night of Knives
    This is Version 1.0 of this essay and I’m posting it here as something of a placeholder until I revisit it. I plan to add some more specific examples as well as shoot a video on this subject and hope to release both in the near future.  Contains spoilers for “Night of Knives” with some … Read more