We have made some additional strides with the ability for Unabridged Burners to publish articles directly. We are hoping to be able to consolidate a variety of Malazan content for your viewing/reading/listening pleasure, including:

  • Malazan news and updates about the books
  • Author interviews, essays, and appearances
  • New Malazan content by Unabridged Burners & friends
  • Malazan podcasts, art, and other content
  • Essays, commentaries, and text walls about/inspired by Malazan
  • General Malazan posts and conversations

In addition to the Unabridged Burners, we are excited to introduce the functionality for user-submitted posts, news, interviews, essays, and updates. Simply submit your post and an Unabridged Burner will review and publish your piece (assuming it is appropriate).

If you would like to be approved as an author to add articles directly, please send us an email or inquire in the Discord.